Our Corporate-History
We have been successfully assisting clients Worldwide with their marketing, purchasing and business needs.

In April 2011,
We became the London office of The Business Development Corporation, introducing a consultancy service for clients needing guidance on starting a business world wide.

In January 2011,
We joined forces with an associate in China and are now able to offer full assistance to anyone wishing to enter the chinese market.
July 2011 brings new opportunities for investing in Asia,
With new associates and a huge marketing potential in areas that were previously unnoticed.

The future for the company is bright, with a highly dedicated,first class team of associates and agents worldwide,
exploring new opportunities and market potential worldwide A successful business is not built on money,
it is the trust and integrity of the people within that business that makes a business successful, and it is the satisfied clients that bring the true success to any business,
as without our clients, there would be no business at all

Title of the………………………?
As a company we involved in helping as many people as possible, so we actively raise funds for disadvantaged children and families worldwide,
such as children with disabilities,terminal illness and poverty stricken areas,
A percentage of all profits from your orders or payments goes towards these worthy causes,
so please work with us and help us to help those less fortunate than ourselves,to make this world a better and safer place to live.

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