Our Aims

To help as many abuse animal and rescue center to protect animal cruelty,
and helping the homeless men,woman,children suffering from poverty,child abuse,child trafficking,and suffering with life threatening illnesses,and disabled and terminally ill person,

We can help by providing them food,clothing,equipment,and a safe place for them to go,and when they need help,some where they can get help,support,advice and training.

We also plan to support educational facilities,offering training to the young and the old and children, to help them get the skills and knowledge they need to prepare them for the future,so that they, inturn, will go on to train others,

These children may one day become the doctors and nurse that find cures for cancer and HIV, they may be the scientists that help us live and work on other planets, creating and protecting a new world

They may discover the way to rid this world of pollution and global warming.

They could be the leaders in reducing the crime rates to zero, or the death tolls in children to nothing.

At least we can give them that chance.even if we only help one person, and then that one person grows up to help millions, then our work has been worthwhile.

We are not a government agency or a charity
we are a private company that wants to make a difference,we do not do it for thanks or recognition, we do it because we feel we need to do it,

If you would like to help, the unfortunate “human beans”,

Your Donations

If you are a company or individual that would like to help us with the work we do for under privileged,
you can contact us to discuss how you would like to help.

We are not asking for monetary donations, as these unfortunate people do not need money,they simply need support and someone to care for them.

You can help by donating food,clothing,medicines and medical equipment,furniture such as children’s beds,bedding,blankets and pillows.books and stationery for education and play,toys and games,

The greatest achievement we could have is seeing a smile on the faces of innocent men & women and children suffering through no fault of their own.

If you would like to help, and make donations places contact us for further details.

Our thanks go to all those that help us.