Our Terms Conditions

Will there be any charge to our clients for providing our service?
no all our services will be paid by our manufacturer not by your company,
so no need for you to worry,

Do we acceptance letter of credit ? yes we acceptance letter of credit that issued by your bank,

We are under the condition that our manufacturer pay as commission for every orders that our clients purchase from our manufacturer,

clients must comply with the payment demands by our manufacturer before production process begins,

If full payment is required in advance, your orders will not be processed until full payment received by your company.

If deposit payment is made your production will be delayed that’s why we allow all our clients time to make full payment so we can processed with your orders,

Please do remember
You only can make any changes to your order befor your production process begins,once your production process has begun your orders can not be changed or cancelled,.

All products remain the property of the supplier / manufacturer until paid for in full by clients,

If clients does need to change or cancel order after the start of production, they are liable for all costs incurred, including material costs,
machine setup costs, labour costs and the cost of any items already produced for their order.

Your cancellations and refunds will only be possible if production process has not begins.

Any clients that do not provide our company with information required about their product requirements,will be seen as uncooperative and we fully reserve the right to refuse to provide our assistance to clients.